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PHOTOS: Even Putin Was Stopped Dead In His Tracks By Melania’s Latest Outfit

The dress Melania Trump wore at the G20 summit today caught everyone’s attention.

Melania Trump has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin mere moments after he completed a two hour and 16 minute with United States President Donald Trump.

The 5 foot 11 inches former model towered over the 5ft-six inches politician as they greeted each other with a warm smile.

The first lady sported a white shining, knee-length dress, which was much more vibrant and eye-catching than her usual outfits.

She would then go on and greet other notables – including French first lady Brigette Macron – before posing in a photo with all the political leaders and their spouses before the leaders met for more talks.

Just prior, President Donald Trump’s face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin stretched on for more than two hours – and was quickly followed by news the U.S. and Russia had reached an agreement on a cease fire in Syria.

The sign of possible progress in Syria – where Russia is the primary backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – came more than two hours after Trump said it was ‘an honor’ to meet Putin.

It had already been a hectic day for Melanina, who had just recently made it to the G20 summit with her husband after earlier being trapped inside her hotel by violent rioters.

Wearing a dove white frilled shoulder-cut dress, the FLOTUS stood next to her husband who sported a striped navy blue and white tie with his suit.

Sporting white stilettos, the former model wore a simple look and seemed to not be phased by the riots.

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