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Trump-Blamer Lawrence Just Saw the Numbers… And It’s Not Good

After suggesting President Donald Trump was responsible for the recent hurricanes that have destroyed parts of the U.S., liberal actress Jennifer Lawrence just got a huge message from Americans. During an interview last week while promoting her new movie “Mother!,” Lawrence was asked about Trump’s election victory and if she …

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Robert Mueller was collaborating with Islamic organizations

The Liberals were all hyped-up when they heard that the former FBI director Robert Mueller is starting an investigation whether President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Moscow and the Russians during the 2016 election. But seems like they have forgotten what kind of person is Robert Mueller indeed. While he was …

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Look Who Decided To Ban The National Anthem From All Sporting Events

With all the insane amounts of hatred for the American national anthem and American pride coming from the left these days, not much is surprising. However, reports that are indicating that a popular restaurant has ordered “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be muted during showings of sports matches is causing an …

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