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NFL Player Who Threatens To Quit Nfl If Forced To Stand Immediately Regrets His Remarks!

WR Rishard Matthews Regrets His Tweet

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews, on Twitter, threatened to quit the NFL if the league prevents him from protesting peacefully during the national anthem. Matthews quickly deleted the tweet Thursday before practice, but his comments had been caught by a screen shot. You know what they say on internet, if there is no screenshot then it did not happen.

According to since-deleted tweets, Matthews was asked if he would stand or remain in the locker room if the NFL made rules preventing players from protesting. “No I will be done playing football” Matthews wrote in a tweet.

But it turned out that Matthews regrets for his tweet. Matthews had reversed his previous opinion that he would be “done with football” if the NFL changed its policy to force players to stand for the anthem.

“In regards to the tweet I sent out, I’m a man; sometimes you make bad decisions at the wrong time. At that time I made a bad decision to tweet that out at that given moment,” Matthews said Friday while sitting at his locker following practice.

Titans wide receiver noted that he does not stand by his statement “right now,” but “hopes it doesn’t get to that.”

“Sometimes people, as you all know, tweet some ignorant things out at some moments, and that was an ignorant thing I tweeted out at that given moment,” Matthews said. “I take full responsibility, and that’s why it went down right after, but somebody caught me with a screenshot.”

“It’s unfortunate that I brought this distraction, but it is what it is. I’m a man, I take full responsibility. Sometimes you get free time, and I was on my Twitter at the time and that’s what happened.”

According to the repots, Matthews’ father is a retired master sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and his half brother, who died in Afghanistan two years ago, also served in the Marines.

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