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Melania Trump Just MELTED Our Hearts By Doing This At White House…

First lady Melania Trump, 46, was the host of the 139th annual White House Easter Egg Roll today.

Melania Trump thanked the military as she welcomed the families to the White House before reading “Party Animals” by Kathie Lee Gifford to a group of children.

“I want to thank the military band, all the staff, and all the volunteers who worked very hard to make sure we have a memorable experience,” Melania said. “I want to thank all of the military in this great nation, and servicemen and servicewomen all around the world who are keeping us safe.”

“I hope you have a great time with many activities.”

Then First Lady Melania Trump read to children at the Reading Nook. She sat with a handful of kids and read “Party Animals.” She looked lovely in a pink sleeveless dress. At the end of her reading, Melania said, “This is the end. I hope you enjoyed the book. Wishing you happy Easter and be well.”

The first lady told the group of children that the book, written in 2010 by Kathie Lee Gifford, “shows that we are all different, but we are all alike.”

After the reading, First Lady was designing and signing cards for military personnel, which thanked them for their service to the United States.

Alongside the Trump family were several kids, also creating cards for U.S. personnel.

During the signing cards, Melania did something amazing. Melania embraced a young girl as they colored cards together for members of the United States military.

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