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ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Attacks President TRUMP!

British Rocker Hates America. Tells Americans. They Applaud.

So, this British singer from a 1970s psychedelic band thinks the American president is a “pig.”

And he gets massive coverage.

On “Is This the Life We Really Want?,” his first solo rock release since 1992, Pink Floyd’s mastermind offers far darker visions of drone warfare, terrorism, the refugee crisis and, most vividly, what he views as President Trump’s reckless endangerment of everything good in the world. It’s not precisely quotable — lots of F-bombs here — but his best line in “Picture That” asks the listener to conjure an outhouse with no drains, then a leader with no brains. Clearly, he read the news today, oh boy. Waters’ gloomy state of mind will hardly shock longtime followers, who’ve been booing and hissing along with him since Pink Floyd’s acerbic late-’70s “Animals” and through his many return visits to “The Wall.” Nor is his specific hostility toward the president any great surprise: During his performance at last fall’s Desert Trip festival — where he made fellow classic-rock icons like the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney look like party boys — a giant inflatable pig floated over the crowd emblazoned with Trump’s face and words such as “ignorant,” “racist” and “sexist.” (Expect similar theatrics when Waters’ Us + Them tour stops at Staples Center for three nights beginning June 20.)

Westword, a website based in stoner paradise Denver, went into hyper hate over Waters’ latest show.

Waters’s show was an utter evisceration of President Donald Trump and American imperialism, so brazenly defiant and offensive that it seemed Waters would have been ecstatic if he succeeded in shocking any Trump sympathizers right out of the arena. On a giant LED video screen suspended behind the stage, images of Trump were superimposed with KKK and Nazi Germany iconography, and at one point during the song “Pigs,” there was even a brief zoom-in of a Trump statue with a micro-penis. Every time Rogers sung the line of the song’s chorus, “Ha ha, charade you are,” the word “charade” was beamed on screen next to leering portraits of Trump But perhaps the most direct f[*]ck-yous to the president were Trump’s own quotes, including those from the infamous Access Hollywood tape, emblazoned across the giant screen. When “Pigs” concluded with the message “TRUMP ERES UN PENDEJO” (translated from Spanish to “Trump, you’re an [*]sshole”), the packed crowd at the Pepsi Center leapt to its feet and roared in approval and laughter. As Waters’s ten-person band continued into the Floyd favorite “Money,” the song was accompanied by images of Mar-a-Lago and some of Trump’s failed casinos, like the Taj Mahal. Certainly, there were some in the audience who stayed quiet or felt uncomfortable during some of the most politically charged theatrics — like when a group of Denver schoolchildren appeared on stage for “Another Brick in the Wall Part, Pt. 2” and ripped off orange jumpsuits to reveal T-shirts with the word “RESIST” on them. But for the most part, the audience was fired up and defiant. The show put the most powerful man in the world on trial, and one could only wonder what kind of enraged tweets Trump would send out if he’d sat in on even a portion of the concert.

Well, isn’t that special?!

source: Daily Wire

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