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A self-identifying Shemale escort was just caught encouraging the assassination of President Trump.

The Political Future reported: Alexis D. Vyne, who self identifies as a shemale escort, has been caught encouraging the assassination of President Donald Trump, following the news that Trump will be banning transgender individuals from joining the U.S. Armed ForcEs.

This is a direct and open call to violence. The violent rhetoric from the Left must stop immediately. Democratic political leaders, such as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, must come out and disavow any and all assassination threats. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. You can be upset about that, but threatening to start a crowd funding campaign to compile a cash prize for a sniper to assassinate the President is too much. It’s a crime. These threats need to be taken seriously, with arrests made, before a psychopath, such as shemale escort Alexis D. Vyne, takes measures in real life and attempts to murder the people’s champ, Donald Trump.


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